Calvaneo. Luxurious but affordable.

Calvaneo. Luxurious but affordable.

The Calvaneo 1583 watches are made in Germany and contain high precision movements. The Calvaneo watches are increasing in popularity. Are you not familiar with this type of watch? Then it is a must to take a look in our spacious Calvaneo product range! The models range from specimens with the Japanese Citizen Miyota timepiece to automatic movements with high caliber. The Calvaneo 1583 watches are available in different color combinations and have various materials of the finest type processed in both case and strap. The full Calvaneo watch product range can be ordered online at Mega-Watch.

In our product range you will find many different Calvaneo 1583 watches such as Aerostar, Astonia, Chesteem, Defcon, Estaville, Estemia, Lucida, Pharon, Prestige, Refugio, Saphir, Sea, Squelette, Tonneau and Versailles.

With these different types, a number of properties always come back, such as a stainless-steel case, leather strap and automatic movement.

Calvaneo 1583 watches contain the best materials in the world, diamonds of 1.1 mm are carefully inlaid by hand. The Calvaneo 1583 watches are very comfortable because of the leather watch straps and your watch will not easily damage because the watches are nicely finished with crystal mineral glass and a safe butterfly clasp that has been specially developed.

The Swiss chronometer is reliable, robust and gives excellent long-term performance. The stainless-steel case of the Calvaneo 1583 watch is especially suitable, because it is low in carbon so has a high resistance to corrosion and rust.

In the past, watches were made by a single craftsman, nowadays all kinds of talented specialists are involved. Watchmakers, jewelry setters, designers and chemists put all their talent into these beautiful watches.

In short, a few points that characterize the Calvaneo watches:

- High-quality materials such as gold-plated, diamond and steel.

- Many watches have an automatic Quartz movement.

- Scratch resistant watch glass.

- Real leather strap or crocodile leather watch band.

- Heavy case that wears comfortably and protected.

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